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A two player game where players must push each other off the map or into water in order to score points. When a player has scored 5 points they win. Hammers and shields can aid you in pushing your opponent. Striking with your hammer will push the opponent back proportional to how long the hammer has been charged. Raising your shield as your opponent strikes with his hammer will redirect the attack back at them. If things are really desperate you can flip the world upside down landing you and your opponent on a new map. The worldflip has a 30 second cool-down. 


Player 1:

  • e: Charges your hammer strike.
  • q: Raises your shield.
  • wasd: Move your character.

Player 2:

  • left shift: Charges your hammer strike.
  • /: Raises your shield.
  • Arrow keys: Move your character.

Spacebar : Flips the world.


Modelling Credits

  • Sara Fulton
  • Matthew Whalley



GameOfGoofs.zip 27 MB


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Hello, I am just sending a message to all the people who have submitted a game for this game development challenge.  As a YouTuber and game developer I was asked to judge your entry and I understand how much fun and stressful developing a game can be especially if you are relatively new to it.  I will be going through all these games and will leave feedback on my experience.  I wish you luck in your entry and hope to have lots of fun :)